Zanetti Motori brand is a reality that remains with primacy in the sector of single-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines that make it unique and incomparable in the national and international market.


Reliable and strong
Thanks to the top quality components used, Zanetti Engines have always been among the most reliable in the same category. Ideal to meet any application requirement, from small agricultural and gardening machines to the construction and industrial machinery.


Electricity always and everywhere
Zanetti generators are distinguished to be practical and manageable, suitable for any emergency situation and work.


Light and reliable
Ideal for transfers of clear and dirty water, low and high pressure irrigation and spraying, designed for hobby and professional work. Thanks to their high reliability, Zanetti motor pumps are able to satisfy repeated and heavy works.


An easy-to-use tiller
Thanks to its new and more powerful engine, the Zanetti tillers can truly be used anywhere, ideal for medium-sized spaces. Very easy to start, manage and transport.

was founded in the 60’


Zanetti Motori established in the national market with the production of two-stroke gasoline engines for small agricultural mechanization and motorcycles.

“Zanetti Motori” has been for many years one of the best references in the field of the small agricultural machinery because of reliability and quality of its engines.


The historical brand Zanetti Motori was founded in the 60’s in Bologna, Created by an entrepreneurial idea of Augusto Zanetti